The Most Important Investment Coins In The World

If you decide to buy gold coins, but do not know which ones to choose, this note will present a list of the most popular gold coins in the world. Therefore, rare, historical and collectible gold coins will not be counted.

Characteristics Of Good Gold Coins
Gold investment coins must have certain characteristics to be worth investing in.

– The fineness of the gold coin must be at least 22 carats. The higher the standard of a given gold coin, the fewer alloys in the form of copper or even silver in it. High-quality coins end up being worth less in terms of pure gold content due to the premiums associated with them. Some investors prefer 24-carat gold coins because the presence of copper in the coin makes it more durable and less susceptible to damage if the coins change hands, as it was before. Of course, in the past, coins were in safes, but in the future everything may change.

– The coin should be widely distributed (high level of supply). Rare gold coins that cannot be obtained anywhere turn into numismatic coins that do not have a specific market. If we consider gold coins as a form of silver, then there should be a lot of them, and they should be everywhere, because due to lack they lose their property of being money.

One of the initial aspirations and reasons for the minting of gold bars was to establish trust and stability in relation to gold. Gold coins turn a homogeneous commodity into a thing that has a reputation, recognition and a certain level of expectations. Like most brands in the world, the best brands of gold coins guarantee the buyer the fineness, weight and quality of the coin, that is, they fulfill their promises.

If this particular part is in relatively low demand, it will be difficult to find a seller in case you need to sell it. The ability to buy and sell goods on secondary markets at a decent price is a sign not only of a good car, but also of a good investment gold coin.

– A gold coin should have aesthetic appeal. Even if the value of a gold coin is measured by the amount of gold in it, we live in a world where aesthetics is always a factor when choosing a product. For example, on the one hand, gold coins depicting Arabic words will not attract the attention of Western investors to gold coins, and Chinese gold coins with the image of a panda, on the other hand, provide aesthetics that transcend state, national and cultural borders, creating an atmosphere that can be used in different countries. unprecedented demand.

Most Important Investment Coins In The World
Each of the listed coins meets all the requirements for gold coins mentioned above. Of course, personal tastes and geographical location will be the main factors determining the formation of this list. For familiarization, the essential differences, history and advantages of each room will be indicated.

If you look at the statistics of coins issued in 2013, the following sequence will appear: 1) Turkish coins – 2.9 million ounces (Meskuk – 1,128,875; Ziynet – 1,783,832); 2) American Eagle gold – 1.21 million ounces; 3) Canadian golden maple leaf – 1.14 million ounces; 4) Australian kangaroo – 900.3 thousand ounces; 5) South African gold coin “Krugerrand” – 861.8 thousand ounces; 6) Vienna Philharmonic – 652.6 thousand ounces; 7) Chinese gold “Panda” – 460.0 thousand ounces.

Gold Coin “Turkish Republic”
This may surprise some, but over the past ten years, Turkey has produced more gold coins than any other country. Turkish coins are called “republican” because of the word “Kumhuriyet”, which means “Republic” in Turkish.

Zein coins are especially popular among Turkish citizens, as they are bought as a gift for almost all festive events – at the birth of a child, circumcision, graduation, military service, engagement and wedding ceremonies. Turkey also uses gold as a reserve of value in an atmosphere of inflation after a serious financial crisis in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Turkey is home to one of the largest indoor markets in the world, known worldwide as ”Grand Bazaar”. The demand for Turkish gold coins is mainly in the Middle East, so do not worry, there will be a buyer or seller of these coins in this region.

The banking sector openly recognizes gold and treats it as money, which allows it to provide a wide range of services, such as gold accounts, gold jewelry that can be converted into cash equivalents in a bank account, gold ATMs and other innovative services. The world’s first gold coin was minted in Turkey in the 550s.

The disadvantage of foreign investors in gold, in addition to the limited availability of these coins on international markets, is the non-standard weight of Turkish gold bars. While most modern coins around the world are expressed in troy ounces, Turkish coins (with a fineness of 22 carats or 91.7% pure metal) are expressed in the metric system – 7,216 grams of total weight and 6,615 grams of pure gold. half a lira.

2.5 lire and 5 lire (each of which is a part or addition of the original “full” coins). Ziynet coins are usually issued with a hook around the edge so that they can be attached to clothes at weddings and circumcisions. Turkey’s state currency says it produces 1.5 tons of gold coins every week.